Preservation Shortlisted for the Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize


We are delighted to announce that Jock Serong’s latest novel Preservation has been shortlisted for the 2019 Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize. 

The Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize is an international book prize that supports and celebrates the best adventure writing today.

Preservation, based on the true story of the wreck of the Sydney Cove, sees master storyteller Jock Serong turn his talents to historical narrative.

On a beach not far from the isolated settlement of Sydney in 1797, a fishing boat picks up three shipwreck survivors, distressed and terribly injured. They have walked hundreds of miles across a landscape whose features – and inhabitants – they have no way of comprehending. They have lost fourteen companions along the way. Their accounts of the ordeal are evasive.

It is Lieutenant Joshua Grayling’s task to investigate the story. He comes to realise that those fourteen deaths were contrived by one calculating mind and, as the full horror of the men’s journey emerges, he begins to wonder whether the ruthless killer poses a danger to his own family.

‘Serong’s prose is evocative, his dialogue convincing.’ Sydney Morning Herald

‘Serong's characters are compelling and, in his reimagining, Preservation gives voice to those who, in the literature of the time, were largely voiceless’ Age

Preservation is an impressive novel, one that revels in the power of narrative to enlighten, horrify and enthral’ Australian

‘Full of tension and menace ... A riveting and brutal tale.’ Good Reading

‘Serong is a talented storyteller.’ Booklist

‘One of Australia’s most innovative and ambitious crime writers.’ NZ Listener

‘Well-researched.’ Herald Sun

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