Sisters by Lily Tuck is a dark tale of obsession and marriage


Sisters by Lily Tuck is available this December and Text Publishing UK is thrilled to bring you this dark, elliptical story of a second wife haunted by the shadow of the first wife.

Sometimes I wondered whether she had had boyfriends before they got married. Or was she still a virgin? I also wondered whether men find deflowering a woman for the first time thrilling and satisfying? Or do they think it an onerous task?
I should have asked him but didn’t.

An unnamed narrator lives with her new husband, his two teenagers and the unwelcome presence of his first wife – known only as ‘she'. Obsessed with her predecessor, our narrator moves through her days wondering – can she equal the first wife intellectually and sexually, or ever forget the betrayal that lies between them? The daring and precise build-up to an eerily wonderful denouement is a triumph of subtlety and surprise.

Sisters delivers a riveting psychological portrait of marriage, infidelity and obsession; charting with elegance and insight love in all its phases.

Sisters was chosen as an Amazon Best Book of the Month for the Fiction & Literature category in September. It has received rave reviews in Kirkus ReviewsPublishers Weekly, and Booklist. Major reviews have been published in the New York Times Book ReviewThe Boston Globe, and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Newsday has included Sisters in a roundup of “Books you can read in a weekend” and the BBC included it in their “”’ round-up.

In her signature crisp, exacting prose, Tuck’s seventh novel haunts the territory of marital jealously with delicacy and finesse.
— Kirkus Reviews

Sisters by Lily Tuck is available 28 December 2017 in all good bookshops and in ebook.

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