Under the Cold Bright Lights

Under the Cold Bright Lights


by Garry Disher
MAY 2019

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Pub Date: 30 May, 2019
Extent: 320pp
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925773217
RightsWorld: Text Publishing; Germany: Unionsverlag; US: Soho

TPB Available: 9781925498882, £10.99

‘Garry Disher has been giving us highly intelligent literary thrillers for decades and he gets better and better.’ Australian

The young detectives call Alan Auhl a retread, but that doesn’t faze him. He does things his own way—and gets results.

He still lives with his ex-wife, off and on, in a big house full of random boarders and hard-luck stories. And he’s still a cop, even though he retired from Homicide some years ago.

He works cold cases now. Like the death of John Elphick—his daughters still convinced he was murdered, the coroner not so sure. Or the skeleton that’s just been found under a concrete slab. Or the doctor who killed two wives and a girlfriend, and left no evidence at all.

Auhl will stick with these cases until justice is done. One way or another.


‘Peter Temple and Garry Disher will be identified as the crime writers who redefined Australian crime fiction in terms of its form, content and style.’ —Age

 ‘A top-class writer.’ —Times

‘Garry Disher deserves his reputation as one of Australia’s finest crime writers.’ —Stuff NZ

‘Disher is a master of concise writing, concise but not spare…A good solid page-turner.’ —Otago Daily Times

‘Well-crafted and leanly written, this tense novel grips from beginning to end.’ —Canberra Weekly

‘The reader is taken on a breathtaking ride…[Disher’s] characters, vivid prose and settings are wonderful.’ —ReadPlus

‘Victorian crime fiction king Garry Disher is a literary machine…Bring on the next case.’ —Herald Sun

‘One of the most engaging aspects of Disher’s writing is the way he evokes a sense of place, and Melbourne and its surrounds are just as much a part of the story as any of the characters. He is also a master of intrigue; his characters often walk a fine line between what is considered inside and outside the law—and Alan Auhl is no exception.’ —Good Reading

‘There are many twists to a tale that opens with one of those closely observed vignettes of outer suburban life that Disher does so well…It’s a riveting opening scene, setting in motion just one of the cases with which the amiable Auhl will deal in the most cathartic of ways.’ —Age

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Criminal Element
Otago Daily Times