The Sky in Silver Lace: Text Classics

The Sky in Silver Lace: Text Classics


by Robin Klein
SEP 2017

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Pub Date: 28 September, 2017
Extent: 256pp
Format: Paperback
RightsWorld: Text Publishing
Reading Age: 12+

Introduced by Alice Pung

The Melling family has moved from Wilgawa to the city suburb of Lacey’s Bay. There’s a new school, a new place to live and new friends to make—this is exciting, but also terrifying, especially when the first potential friend Vivienne meets is large, bold and threatening.

The Sky in Silver Lace is the third and final book in the Melling Sisters Trilogy, Robin Klein’s humorous and heartwarming tale of four girls—Grace, Heather, Cathy and Vivienne—growing up in the Australia of the 1940s.


‘A writer who relishes the drama of everyday life.’ —Guardian

‘Klein's command of the language is masterful and her prose exquisite; welded out of poetically intricate descriptions, it displays a sprawling vocabulary and an overflowing arsenal of metaphors and images that convey precise impressions and moods…there are passages that are almost sublime.’ —Kirkus Reviews

All in the Blue Unclouded Weather, Dresses of Red and Gold and The Sky in Silver Lace are such wonderful, honest, Australian stories, still relevant to readers today. The sisters are a delight to read about, their adventures are entertaining and touching.’ —Bookish Manicurist

‘Robin Klein’s novels are insightful, displaying another time when children and teenagers used their creativity, imagination and resourcefulness to cope without the material pleasures of today’s technology.’ —ReadPlus