The Quiet Earth: Text Classics

The Quiet Earth: Text Classics


by Craig Harrison
01 JUL 2014

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Extent: 272pp

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781922147059 

Rights: World: Text Publishing; Georgia: Azri

Introduction by Bernard Beckett

‘I was sitting bolt upright in bed breathing fast and staring at the wall. The daylight was streaming into the motel room through the slats of the blinds. I seemed to have been awake, and asleep, for ages…’

John Hobson, a geneticist, wakes one morning to find his watch stopped at 6.12. The streets are deserted, there are no  signs of life or death anywhere, and every clock he finds has stopped: at 6.12. Is Hobson the last person left on the planet? 

Inventive and suspenseful, The Quiet Earth is a confronting journey into the future—and a dark past. 

This new edition of Craig Harrison’s highly sought-after 1981 novel—which was later made into a cult film starring Bruno Lawrence, Pete Smith and Alison Routledge—comes with an introduction by Bernard Beckett.  


‘Cuts to the heart of our most basic fears…compelling…a classic.' Bernard Beckett

‘Excellent…The inevitability of the horror has a Hitchcock quality.' Listener