The Plains

The Plains

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Pub Date: 27/04/2017

Extent: 208pp

Format: hardback

ISBN: 9781925355901

RightsWorld: Text Publishing; Catalan: Miniscula; France: Editions P.O.L.; Hungary: Libri Kaido; Spain: Miniscula; Sweden: Albert Bonniers Forlag

Winner, Patrick White Literary Award, 1999

Introduction by Ben Lerner

This is the story of the families of the plains—obsessed with their land and history, their culture and mythology—and of the man who ventured into their world.First published in 1982, The Plains is a mesmerising work of startling originality.

This handsome new hardback edition is introduced by Ben Lerner, author of the internationally acclaimed novels Leaving the Atocha Station and 10:04, and a work of criticism, The Hatred of Poetry.


The Plains has that peculiar singularity that can make literature great.’ Ed Wright, Australian, Best Books of 2015

‘A distinguished, distinctive, unforgettable novel.’ Shirley Hazzard

‘… a piece of imaginative writing so remarkably sustained that it is a subject for meditation rather than a mere reading … In the depths and surfaces of this extraordinary fable you will see your inner self eerily reflected again and again.’ Sydney Morning Herald

‘Murnane touches on foibles and philosophy, plays with the makings of a fable or allegory, and all the while toys with tone, moving easily from earnest to deadpan to lightly ironic, a meld of Buster Keaton, the Kafka of the short stories, and Swift in ‘A Modest Proposal.’…A provocative, delightful, diverting must-reread.’ Kirkus Reviews