The Heat

The Heat


by Garry Disher
APR 2017

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Pub Date: 27 April, 2017
Extent: 272pp
Format: paperback
ISBN: 9781925355383
Rights: World (excluding Germany): Text Publishing, Other: Jenny Darling & Associates

  • Longlisted, International DUBLIN Literary Award, Ireland, 2017
  • Longlisted, CWA Daggers, Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award, 2017
  • Shortlisted, Ned Kelly Award for Best Fiction, 2016
  • Longlisted, General Fiction Book of the Year, Australian Book Industry Awards, 2016

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Wyatt needs a job.

A bank job would be nice, or a security van hold-up. As long as he doesn’t have to work with cocky idiots and strung-out meth-heads like the Pepper brothers. That’s the sort of miscalculation that buys you the wrong kind of time.

So he contacts a man who in the past put him on the right kind of heist. And finds himself in Noosa, stealing a painting for Hannah Sten.

He knows how it’s done: case the premises, set up escape routes and failsafes, get in and get out with the goods unrecognised. Make a good plan; back it up with another. And be very, very careful.

But who is his client? Who else wants that painting?

Sometimes, being very careful is not enough.


‘For the connoisseur of crime the Wyatt series represents Disher at his stylish best…wicked and wonderful. Welcome back, Wyatt.’ Sydney Morning Herald

‘Disher’s terse, spare prose never falters.’ Weekend Press

‘Peter Temple and Garry Disher will be identified as the crime writers who redefined Australian crime fiction in terms of its form, content and style.’ Age/Sydney Morning Herald

‘Garry Disher is one of Australia’s most exceptional crime writers…One of the most delightful aspects of a Garry Disher novel is the fascinating array of characters he assembles…The spare and sparse language, particularly in the way Disher frames the landscape, makes lines leap from the page.’ 4 and a half starred review, Good Reading

‘Writing of the highest calibre, neatly crafted and strongly evocative.’ Sunday Mail

‘Every word counts in Disher’s books, but you’re never left with a sense that the writing is too sparse. The sentences are vividly alive. I read the book in a day, which shows what a page-turner it is.’ Otago Daily Times

‘[Disher’s] prose in The Heat is as taut and concise as his title…Precise plotting keeps the action moving along at a pace.’ New Zealand Listener