The Cockatoos: Text Classics

The Cockatoos: Text Classics


by Patrick White
26 SEPT 2019

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Pub Date: 26 September, 2019
: 308p
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925773606
Rights: World: Text Publishing

Introduction by Gail Jones

These six short novels and stories achieve the majesty and power of the best of Patrick White’s great novels. They probe beneath the surface of events – a sexual lapse, the unaccustomed climate of a foreign country, interruptions in a cherished routine, a death, a toothache – to expose a deeper, truer reality.

The Cockatoos…is superb. It is a slow, beautiful dance of love and death.’ Chicago Tribune Book World

‘[White’s] style in this collection of stories is taut and his language knowing, almost savage, in its ironies. Never does he swerve from a tone of complete authority, nor are his portrayals of human frailty ever less than bitingly perceptive.’ Baltimore Sun

‘To read Patrick White…is to touch a source of power, to move through areas made new and fresh, to see men and women with a sharpened gaze.’ Daily Telegraph

‘White is a shifty, complex artist with the ability to hit and run at any point in his narrative – maintaining a distance from emotional involvement while inexorably tightening those screws.’ Kirkus Reviews