Stories: The Collected Short Fiction

Stories: The Collected Short Fiction


by Helen Garner
25 JAN 2018

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Extent: 352pp

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781925603095

RightsWorld: Text Publishing; World English audio: Bolinda

‘Garner is a natural storyteller.’  James Wood, New Yorker

This handsome edition of Helen Garner’s collected short fiction celebrates the seventy-fifth birthday of one of Australia’s most loved authors. These stories—that delve into the complexities of love and longing, of the pain, darkness and joy of life—are all told with her characteristic sharpness of observation, honesty and humour. Each one a perfect piece, together they showcase Garner’s mastery of the form.


‘Garner’s stories share characteristics of the postcard: they flash before us carefully recorded images that remind us of harsher realities not pictured. And like postcards they are economically written, a bit of conversation is transcribed, a memory recalled, an event noted, scenes pass as if viewed from a train—momentarily, distinct and tantalising in their beauty.’  New York Times

‘A perfect introduction for first-timers who have not yet experienced the pleasures of Garner’s writing.’ Sydney Morning Herald