Memoirs of Many in One: Text Classics

Memoirs of Many in One: Text Classics


by Patrick White
26 SEPT 2019

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Pub Date: 26 September, 2019
: 192
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925773613
Rights: World: Text Publishing

Introduction by Sophie Cunningham

The last Patrick White novel published in his lifetime, Memoirs of Many in One presents the eccentric, often fantastical recollections of the ageing actor, Alex Xenophon Demirjian Gray. These are ‘edited’ by the writer Patrick White, her friend and executor, who is often the target of her scorn. Witty and affecting, Memoirs reveals another side of White’s fiction even as it echoes many of the themes running through his work.

‘A strong case could be made for White as the finest and most profound novelist anywhere in the world now working in English…Memoirs of Many in One will fascinate any reader.’ Washington Post

‘A last work in which everything that was serious in the early books suffered a final daring transformation to burlesque: not least of all the author, that impossible person Patrick White.’ David Malouf