Crucifixion Creek: The Belltree Trilogy I

Crucifixion Creek: The Belltree Trilogy I

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Pub Date: 28/01/2017

Extent: 272pp

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9781925240658

Rights: World: Text Publishing

Shortlisted, Ned Kelly Awards, Best Crime Novel, 2015

Homicide detective Harry Belltree wouldn’t usually be looking too hard at an elderly couple’s suicide pact. Especially now, when his brother-in-law Greg has just been stabbed to death. But it seems Greg and the old couple had ties to the same man, a bent moneylender with friends in high places—and low.

Harry can’t get officially involved in Greg’s murder, but he suspects a link with two other mysterious deaths: his parents’. And when he goes off-grid to investigate, that’s when things start to get dangerous.

Set in Sydney, this dark, morally ambiguous and adrenaline-charged new series is a triumphant change of direction for Barry Maitland.


‘Arguably one of the top five crime writers in the world.’ Australian

‘Unlike the 12 cases Maitland set Kolla and Brock, this one expresses its moral complications through nonstop action. First of a series. Though you’ll wonder early and often how Harry can possibly survive for any sequels, you’ll hope again and again to be proved wrong.’ STARRED Review, Kirkus

‘Well written with an elaborate plot, this fast-paced novel explores some aspects of the racial divide in Australia. Recommend for Claire McNab readers or anyone who likes police procedurals.’ STARRED Review, Library Journal