by Wendy Mass & Rebecca Stead
28 FEB 2019

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Pub Date: 28 February, 2019
Extent: 208pp
Format: paperback
ISBN: 9781925603590
Rights: UK & C’wealth excl. Canada: Text Publishing
Reading Age: 8+

A charming middle-grade novel about friendship and the power of imagination, told in alternating chapters by Rebecca Stead, the Newbery Medal winning author of When You Reach Me, and Wendy Mass, New York Times bestselling author of The Candymakers

Livy can’t remember her first visit to her grandmother’s house in Australia, but she does seem to recall a ‘wrong chicken’ and bumping down the stairs.

She definitely doesn’t remember the strange little creature she finds in the wardrobe. His name is Bob and he doesn’t know what he’s doing there, but he’s been waiting for Livy to come back for more than five years. That’s a very long time to sit in the dark.

Clue by clue, Livy and Bob unravel the mystery of where Bob comes from and what Livy has forgotten in this magical story about friendship and loyalty and the power of imagination.

And standing on top of the dictionary is a small zombie wearing a chicken suit. He’s rubbing his eyes, a Lego pirate clutched in one green hand. When his eyes adjust to the light, he uses them to look me up and down. Then he says, 'You’re back. Took you long enough.'


'Realistic and compassionate…This is a layered, textured read, and adds to Rebecca Stead’s growing list of consistently high quality novels. Highly recommended.' Reading Time

‘Irresistible tale of magic, mystery, and friendship that poses timeless questions about identity and belonging.’ Publishers Weekly, starred review

‘Stead, whose When You Reach Me (2009) won the Newbery Medal, and Mass, author of the beloved Willow Falls series, combine their considerable talents to create an unusual fantasy with simplicity, immediacy, and wit.’ Booklist

‘You can’t help falling in love with Bob just a little.’ Good Reading