Bitter Wash Road

Bitter Wash Road

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Pub Date: 24/09/2015

Extent: 304pp

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9781922182661

Rights: World: Text Publishing; Germany: Unionsverlag; North America: Soho; UK & Comm (ex. ANZ & Canada): Serpent’s Tail

Shortlisted, Ned Kelly Awards, Best Crime Novel, 2014

When Hirsch heads up Bitter Wash Road to investigate the gunfire he finds himself cut off without back-up. A pair of thrill killers has been targeting isolated farmhouses on lonely backroads, but Hirsch’s first thought is that ‘back-up’ is nearby—and about to put a bullet in him. 

That’s because Hirsch is a whistleblower. Formerly a promising metropolitan officer, now demoted and exiled to a one-cop station in South Australia’s wheatbelt. Called a dog by his brother officers. Threats; pistol cartridge in the mailbox. 

But the shots on Bitter Wash Road don’t tally with Hirsch’s assumptions. The truth turns out to be a lot more mundane. And the events that unfold subsequently, a hell of a lot more sinister.


‘Smooth, assured mastery.’ New York Times Book Review

‘A top-class writer.’ The Times

‘Disher turns out to be a superb chronicler of macho pop culture.' Sunday Times

‘An absolute corker of a crime novel and puts him up there with the likes of Michael Connelly, Ian Rankin and John Harvey…This is a superbly well-plotted thriller, beautifully written—especially the descriptions of the harsh outback—and with an intriguing hero, an honest cop faced with dishonesty at every turn.' Shotsmag