All in the Blue Unclouded Weather: Text Classics

All in the Blue Unclouded Weather: Text Classics


by Robin Klein
SEP 2017

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Pub Date: 28 September, 2017
Extent: 240pp
Format: Paperback
RIGHTSWorld: Text Publishing
Reading Age: 12+

Introduced by Amie Kaufman

All in the Blue Unclouded Weather begins the story of the Melling sisters, four girls growing up in an Australian country town in the post war years. Vivienne is the youngest, always the last to wear the hand-me-down clothes—after Grace and Heather and Cathy—and always longing for something new and special. But although life is hard for the Melling family and the sisters have their tiffs, this is a heartwarming and often humorous story of loyalty and affection—under blue unclouded skies.

Klein’s books are hugely celebrated, having won the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Children’s Book of the Year Award in both the Younger Readers and the Older Readers categories, as well as a Human Rights Award for Literature in 1989 for Came Back to Show You I Could Fly. Klein is widely considered one of Australia’s most prolific and beloved YA authors.


 ‘Funny, thoughtful, sometimes painfully sad, this is a book that lingers long in the memory.’ —Bookseller+Publisher

‘An incisive, often hilarious portrait of four sisters…Grace, Heather, Cathy, and Vivienne are distinctive and memorable…The girls' rowdy in-fighting is fierce – exaggerated for humor but authentic; it also provides a foil for some touching final scenes that reveal their underlying loyalty and affection…it all adds up to a gritty, intriguing glimpse of a particular time and place.’ —Kirkus Reviews

‘Klein again shows that she's a master of dialogue, sibling dynamics, and youthful characters at once unique and undeniably creatures of their age group. Fresh, humorous, offbeat, with a bit of nostalgia for the era of film stars and red, red lipsticks.’ —School Library Journal 

All in the Blue Unclouded Weather, Dresses of Red and Gold and The Sky in Silver Lace are such wonderful, honest, Australian stories, still relevant to readers today. The sisters are a delight to read about, their adventures are entertaining and touching.’ —Bookish Manicurist 

‘Klein’s attention to detail—Grace’s debutante dress, cooking disasters, coping with the O’Keefe family, cousin Isobel’s flights of fancy and her depth of insight into small town ways make this story come to life.’ —ReadPlus

‘A sentimental, intimately Australian series about four loving and warring sisters that is a must-read for any Australian citizen, whether they be the ages of the sisters, or older.’ —Reading Time