Cory Taylor

credit Darren James

credit Darren James

Text titles by Cory Taylor
Dying: A Memoir
Me and Mr Booker

‘A very precious member of our community of writers,’ Benjamin Law, Krissy Kneen and Kristina Olsson on their friendship with Cory Taylor in the Guardian

‘In writing and in life, Taylor's pet peeves were taboos and cliche. Death, she found, was weirdly a funnel where both bloomed.’ Benjamin Law in the Sydney Morning Herald

‘Cory was an instinctive writer who knew no fear, who took the reader into dark and dangerous places that we believe in because she creates an effortless tension between her compassion for her characters and her drive to tell us the whole truth about them.’ Michael Heyward, Text Publisher, in the Australian.

Cory Taylor was born in Queensland in 1955. She was an award-winning novelist and screenwriter who also published short fiction and children’s books. Her first novel, Me and Mr Booker, won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize (Pacific Region) in 2012 and her second novel, My Beautiful Enemy, was shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Award in 2014. She died on 5 July 2016, a couple of months after Dying: A Memoir was published.



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